Saturday, March 11, 2017

5 for Friday!

Happy Weekend!  I am extra, extra, extra happy because this weekend is the beginning of my Spring Break!!! Yea!! I really thought I might not make I explained earlier this week I have that class this year and, let me tell you, the struggle is real.  But, I made it!!! Yea!! In celebration I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching to wrap up my week with a 5 for Friday post.  Here we go!

Isn't my Ella enchanting? :)
As I mentioned last week my baby turned five on Monday.  I just can't believe it.  I swear she was just born last week.  I don't understand how five years can pass by right before your eyes!  I know that sounds so cliche and like something "old" people say... but it is so true!  (For the record, that does not make me old!  Neither does the fact that my youngest is now five years old... )
She squealed and giggled and was completely thrilled with absolutely everything (except that fact that she couldn't start kindergarten that day...she was not very happy about that..."Five year olds are supposed to go to kindergarten!" you know).  I just absolutely adore this age... four and five are my favorites... I just love everything about this little moment in time... I swear I look at her and I can just see everything good in the world in that little smile. :)

It has been a fun week of soaking her up and counting my blessings.  Sometimes I wonder how I ever got to be so lucky. That saying "the days are long but the years are short" is so true.  It is so easy to get caught up in the exhaustion of school and homework and cleaning and carpooling... but when you stop and look at your babies... you just want to cry that it is all going too fast!

Okay, thank you for indulging me... It's been a sentimental week... On to the "regular stuff" now :)

We have been working really hard on adding "juicy details" to our writing.  The kids love the "juicy burger" analogy.  They totally get it and it has worked really, really well. The kids have really been having a lot of fun with writing this week.  (The fact that I am not really a meat eater and talking about "juicy meat" makes me want to throw up makes it a little less fun for me.)

We have been using parts of this unit (written by Amy Lemons and Hope King) and then I have been adding my own ideas and "extras" and making it work for my kiddos.  

On a total (kind of dumb) whim I decided to end our week by making "juicy burger flip books" on Friday.  I do this... I get these ideas and just jump on them without really thinking... I got the idea Friday morning and made the template during lunch... Then, Friday afternoon (the Friday before Spring Break!!) we made them.  
The room was a bit chaotic for the rest of the afternoon. 

 However, the kids LOVED it.  They did great work and are so proud of their writing... and now we are on Spring Break so I can just forget about the ridiculousness of Friday afternoon's activities ;).

Math has been all about measurement this week.  I am going to write a short, little math post later this week that links our videos, songs and activities.  

It was a very "hands on" fun week.  (Again, kids loved it... I am tired.  Very, very tired.)

Isn't that little fox cute?  More on their artwork later this week.  :)

We focused on Gail Gibbons books this week in ELA.  I just love her books.  I love them all.  I wish that I could have hours and hours and hours to teach the content in all of her books for months without anyone interrupting me and telling me it was time to "move on" or wrap up the unit.  I find my own ways to incorporate them all the time... but I LOVE when they get to be the official focus!

I also love reading my kids biographies.  It is a passion of mine.  This week we read about Amelia Earhart.  Our favorite book this week was I Am Amelia Earhart (Ordinary People Change the World).    There is also a great video on Amelia Earhart that we enjoyed.  I am trying to add in some extra biographies since March is Women's History Month (not that I need an excuse...).

I was so excited this week to see my Women's History Month Poster Pack in action!  walker.library.girl posted her bulletin board on her Instagram and I love it SO MUCH!  (It seriously made my week!)

I have found the posters to be an easy way to introduce students to a variety of inspirational women in a quick, fun way.  (-And that is my favorite way... much better than the stupid 'Let me create a really complicated project two hours before we go on vacation even though I have that class this year' way! ...Rookie mistake)

So, that was my week... How about you?  Are you on Spring Break yet?  Is it coming soon?  Are you as completely, totally exhausted as I am?  If so, I hope you get to take a really, really long nap!  (That never really happens around here... but it sounds glorious!)  Have a great weekend!

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