Friday, April 28, 2017

5 for Friday (FINALLY!)

It's here!! It's finally here!! The weekend! Oh Friday, how I've been dreaming about you ... I thought you might never come ... but you are finally here!!

(If you can't tell it was a long week around here!  But now it's the weekEND and I am celebrating by putting on my pajamas at 6:30 pm and linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a Five for Friday post.)

This was how my week started - at 7:20 on Monday morning:

 I mean...seriously?!?

My "gross out meter" is pretty hard to activate.  I have a lot of years of experience teaching pre-k and kindergarten, and those babies aren't afraid to sneeze right in your face.  AND I'm a mother of 4.  FOUR.  I've pretty much seen and done it all.  I have been thrown up on more times than you can imagine, and if I do say so myself, I handle it pretty well ... I am able to hide my disgust and take care of whoever needs taking care of pretty easily these days.

But SCABIES?  Seriously??

Again, I am a mother of 4...I have sent a kid to school with a runny nose that I wished I could keep home...and I have made a doctor's appointment to have ears checked after school when I thought an infection was cleared up. I totally get that it is hard to be a working mom!


I'm gonna go ahead and say that if you think your child has SCABIES and you find it necessary to tell him "Don't tell anyone that you have SCABIES, we will try to go to the walk in clinic tonight" then you really need to take the day off.

Because #1: He is going to tell EVERYONE.  That is what kids do.  Especially when you tell them not to tell anyone.

And #2: It is SCABIES.

(Okay, public service announcement officially over.)
So, when your week starts off with SCABIES it can only go up from there right?  On Tuesday we went on a field trip to the hands-on children's museum.  

The kids loved it.  They had so much fun.  They tried really, really hard to be good.  (I mean, how cute do they look in the little veteranarian center looking at the snake x-rays?)  But...

Here's the thing: If you remember, I've mentioned before that I have that class this year.  Now, it was nothing like the second worst field trip ever, but it was a lot.  

The museum is set up with one large area in the middle and lots of smaller areas around the perimeter.  Each of the smaller areas has a different theme.  (There is a grocery store, a pizza restaurant, a veterinarian's office, a fire station, a news station etc.  It is really cute.)

So, we were staying together in a large group in 1 or 2 of the areas at a time.  Have you heard the expression "so excited I could burst"?  Well, now I know where it comes from.  They were so excited that I wouldn't have been surprised if one of my boys actually exploded.  It just didn't seem possible for one little body to contain so much energy!

They were really trying to control themselves. but it wasn't totally possible for some of my guys, so before we would go into some of the areas I would have to physically block the entrance for a "pep talk".  

It went something like this: "Okay, there are babies in here.  Do you guys see the babies? Look at me.  Guys? Guys!  LOOK AT ME.  Do you see the babies?  See how little they are? You will hurt them if you fall on them or knock them over... so you have to be careful.  Are you listening? Boys?  BOYS!  POINT TO THE BABIES!  SHOW ME WHERE THE BABIES ARE.  Okay, now, don't step on the babies okay?  Don't bump them, because you are big kids and we don't want to hurt the little kids, right?"

Luckily, the parents of the babies are much better listeners than my boys and they pretty much looked at my boys, grabbed their babies, and chose another area to go play.  We tried.  

(Do you see the blur on the right side of the photo?  That's pretty much what my boys looked like all day.  I'm still tired.)

My sweet intern finished up her semester with us this week.  (After Tuesday I'm sure she is thinking it didn't come a moment too soon!!)

There seemed to be "fingerprint hearts" all over Pinterest.  We wayyyyyyy simplified the idea but I think it still came out cute.
 This was the little gift we prepared for her.  The basket has a few school supplies and a TPT gift cards.  The folder behind the basket has two booklets we made for her.  We wrote some "teacher tips" for her to remember and we wrote reference letters for her to bring on job interview with her.

I am trying to get these things together to share - I will keep you posted :)  The "reference letters" were adorable!  They were so funny and so cute!  She really loved them.

We are going to miss her so much! Fortunately she is coming back on Tuesday to help me with Running Records and spend time with the kids - because she is that awesome - so we don't have to cry too hard (yet).
My "Mom - Uber" is in full service these days.  The twins have swim practice twice a week and my oldest had try-outs this week for cheerleading & dance.  I spent about 2.5 hours a day in the car!

Some weeks there are just literally not enough hours in the day.  Between work, homework, projects, sports, carpools, attempting to keep my household running...well, let's just say, I didn't do any of it very well this week.  I kind of lost my cool.  It wasn't pretty.  :(

This week was long.  And hard.  And I did not handle it gracefully.  I hate that.

But, then one daughter sent me this photo of me and my other daughter.

And it all kind of melted away.  (Look at the wrinkles on that little nose.  Couldn't you just eat her???)

And it's Friday night and I am in my pjs before 8pm.  So there's that :)

And all my favorite people are here and in their pjs with me.

My oldest just got news that she made the varsity dance team... so her eyes are sparkling... and everyone else's eyes are sleepy... pretty much a mother's Friday night dream come true.  ;)

Good night my friends.  I hope your weekend is long and that you get to sleep until you can't sleep anymore (a teacher-mom can dream can't she?).


  1. I feel for you. My daughter had head lice years ago. Yes, it all happens to the best of us. I am glad you made it through the week. Remember to breathe, tomorrow will be another day!
    I love the folder of goodies for your student teacher. We all need a partner teacher and assistant in every classroom! Wishing pie-in-the-sky! 😀

  2. Love your daughter picture! So cute and what a great smile! Thanks for sharing your gift basket and card idea. And your letter of recommendation idea is priceless!!! I have a student teacher who will be finishing at the end of our school year so this is just what I need. Thanks again!
    iTeach 2nd

  3. Scabies???? Bleck! I started itching as soon as I read that. I had some third grade BLURS on my field trip yesterday! I'm still tired! I lost my cool more than once this week. I'll be praying for both of us to find cheer, joy, and patience this week! I love the reference letters!
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. Those building gigantic blue blocks are the best to play with!
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.
    Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher